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Don't let another day go by without making a change!

Are you ready to take your business to the next level but unsure how to bridge the gaps in your business plan?

Are you looking to hire help to grow your business, but afraid of making the wrong choice and wasting valuable time?

Fear no more!

As a systems expert, with over 20 yrs experience as an Executive Assistant and having a Masters in Business Management, I help business owners create personalized systems and strategies to take their time back.


This allows them to free up time to live their life, without having to hire an employee before they’re ready, and create wealth and growth in their business.

Free Sessions

1-on-1 Coaching for Empowered Entrepreneurs

Tired of burnout holding you back?


Find personalized guidance and support with Mariposa Sources' 1-on-1 coaching services.


I specialize in empowering entrepreneurs, tailoring strategies to address burnout and fuel your success.


I am passionate about enhancing productivity, restore work-life balance, and cultivate self-care practices for sustainable growth.


From developing effective business plans to overcoming burnout challenges, my transformative coaching support awaits.


Book your 1-on-1 coaching session with me today and embark on a thriving entrepreneurial journey.

What Does a Coaching Session Look Like?


Each coaching session is 60 minutes in duration, providing ample time for focused learning and application.

Multiple sessions are encouraged to get the best results.

Topics Covered:

  • Goal-Setting

  • Organization and Planning

  • Problem-Solving

  • Self-Care Practices

  • Accountability and Follow-Through

  • Increased Productivity


  • Deeper understanding of your goals

  • Develop effective planning and organization skills

  • Learn problem-solving strategies that can help you overcome obstacles

The weekly coaching sessions provide a comprehensive approach to achieving professional success by addressing key areas such as goal-setting, organization and planning, problem-solving, self-care practices, and accountability and follow-through.

Working with a coach


By working with a coach on an ongoing basis, you can receive regular feedback, guidance, and motivation to help you stay on track toward your goals. With the added support and accountability, you are more likely to make lasting changes and maintain your progress over time.


Here’s why Multiple Coaching Sessions are the right choice for you: