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Hey There

Are you ready to to live your life's purpose?


It all starts with one step-learning my four steps!

Have you struggled with trying to figure out how to do something?

Are you ready to discover the possibilities of living your life's purpose?

Have you ever felt alone and lost? I surely have! When I faced my fear by just doing things, I discovered that there was no room for fear and I followed my life's purpose. I felt at peace. Little things, have BIG results.

Learning and applying this system will be a great investment for you and your future. The cost depends on you and we never want anyone to struggle financially so don't be afraid of taking this first step!

It's only an hour of your time once a week and you will gain the skills that you have been looking for in order to face fear with function.

WHEN you know how to live your life's purpose, you feel a shift and realize that YOU DON'T HAVE TO be in the Rat-Race.


You would be capable of living your best life!


Isn't that what living is all about anyways?

You will also have the option to get one-on-one coaching sessions with me!

Information about the program:

Week One: We learn about who we truly are, with fun tests and insight into Human Design. (Step One)

Week Two: We review how the information that we learned in Week One can be seen in our daily lives.

Week Three: We practice breaking down the steps for a task. (Step Two)

Week Four: We discover Shadow Work and receive Vanessa's book - Introduction to Shadow Work. (Step Three)

Week Five: We analyze the steps of a task and see if there are any obstacles based on what we learned in Week One and in Week 4. THEN we apply our knowledge within our daily lives. (Step Four)

Week Six: We report back on how our task was completed using the steps we practiced in Week 3 with everything we have learned over the past 5 weeks.

These are live group sessions but there are private sessions available, depending on your personal goals.

You are not alone! So don't miss out!!

Are YOU ready to learn my FOUR Steps?
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IF you have questions, PLEASE email us HERE

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