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Your Pathway to Prosperity and Empowerment

Transform Your Business Dream into a Thriving Reality with Mariposa Sources

At Mariposa Sources, we understand the entrepreneurial journey's highs and lows. Whether you're nurturing a budding side hustle or seeking new heights for your established venture, 'Excel through Excellence' is designed to be your compass in the entrepreneurial world.

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From Aspiration to Achievement

This 13-week program is a harmonious blend of strategy, inspiration, and practical wisdom. Catering to both aspiring and established entrepreneurs, we guide you through a journey of growth, empowerment, and strategic mastery.

What Awaits You in 'Excel through Excellence'?

  • Tailored Learning: Modules crafted to address the unique needs at every stage of your business journey.

  • Community of Visionaries: Connect with a diverse group of like-minded entrepreneurs, enriching your learning experience.

  • Actionable Strategies: Walk away with practical tools and tactics that translate directly into your business growth.

For the Aspiring Entrepreneurs:

Struggling to turn your passion into profit? We'll guide you through validating your idea, setting up your business foundation, and launching your dream with confidence.

For the Established Entrepreneurs:

Feeling stuck or ready to scale? Our advanced modules will help refine your strategy, optimize operations, and elevate your business to new levels.

Experience Transformation

  • Increased Revenue: Learn strategies that drive sales and boost profitability.

  • Brand Recognition: Elevate your brand and carve a unique space in the market.

  • Operational Efficiency: Streamline your processes for smoother, more efficient business management.

  • Work-Life Harmony: Master the art of balancing your entrepreneurial aspirations with personal fulfillment.

Become the Entrepreneur You're Meant to Be

Embrace this opportunity to journey from where you are to where you dream to be.


Let 'Excel through Excellence' be the catalyst for your metamorphosis in the business world.

Weekly Program Overview


Introduction to Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Focus: Cultivating the mindset for success, whether starting out or scaling up.

  • Takeaway: Personal vision and mindset assessment.


Ideation and Business Model Innovation

  • Focus: Ideation techniques and business model innovations.

  • Takeaway: Business model canvas or innovation plan.


Strategic Planning and Goal Setting

  • Focus: Setting SMART goals and strategic planning applicable at all business stages.

  • Takeaway: Customized strategic plan outline.


Market Analysis and Brand Positioning

  • Focus: Understanding and analyzing market trends; positioning or repositioning your brand.

  • Takeaway: Market analysis report and brand positioning statement.


Effective Marketing and Client Acquisition

  • Focus: Marketing strategies for new businesses and advanced tactics for growth.

  • Takeaway: Marketing and client acquisition plan.


Digital Presence and Content Strategy

  • Focus: Establishing an online presence; enhancing digital strategies for growth.

  • Takeaway: Digital marketing and content strategy.


Financial Management and Fundamentals

  • Focus: Financial literacy for startups; advanced financial strategies for established businesses.

  • Takeaway: Financial plan and management tools.


Sales Strategies and Negotiation Skills

  • Focus: Basic sales techniques for beginners; advanced negotiation and sales strategies for experienced entrepreneurs.

  • Takeaway: Sales strategy guide.


Operations and Process Optimization

  • Focus: Setting up efficient operations for new businesses; optimizing processes for growth.

  • Takeaway: Operations checklist and process improvement plan.


Leadership and Team Building

  • Focus: Basics of team management for new entrepreneurs; advanced leadership skills for seasoned business owners.

  • Takeaway: Leadership development plan.


Work-Life Harmony and Time Management

  • Focus: Balancing business with personal life; advanced time management strategies.

  • Takeaway: Personalized work-life harmony plan.


Scaling Your Business or Preparing for Growth

  • Focus: Strategies for scaling for established entrepreneurs; preparing for growth for new entrepreneurs.

  • Takeaway: Growth or scaling strategy.


Review, Reflect, and Future Planning

  • Focus: Reviewing progress, sharing success stories, and setting future goals.

  • Takeaway: Future action plan and goal-setting template.

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Enrollment Ends December 9, 2023

Key Program Features:

  • Flexibility: We offer a morning group session and an evening group session. Enjoy the freedom to switch between the two each week. 

  • Tailored Weekly Objectives: Targeted learning, focusing on one key business area each week.

  • Practical Takeaways: Actionable strategies and tools, ready to be implemented in your business.

  • Mixed Group Dynamics: Learning and networking between aspiring and established entrepreneurs. Get fresh perspectives and experiences!

  • 3-Month Elite Membership to 'The Support Circle': Continue your growth journey post-program with access to our top-tier support network, a value of $291, included for free!


  • What specific skills will I learn in this program? In 'Excel through Excellence', you'll learn a variety of skills essential for business growth and personal development. These include strategic business planning, effective leadership and decision-making, advanced marketing strategies, financial management, and time management. Additionally, you'll gain skills in personal empowerment and resilience to help navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship.

  • How does this program differ from other business coaching programs? 'Excel through Excellence' stands out due to its holistic approach, combining business strategy with personal growth. The program is specifically tailored for female entrepreneurs, focusing on not just business skills but also on overcoming challenges unique to women in business. It provides a supportive community and personalized coaching, ensuring that learning is directly applicable to your business.

  • Can I balance this program with my current professional and personal commitments? Yes, the program is designed with the busy entrepreneur in mind. The mix of morning and evening sessions allows for flexibility, and our approach emphasizes efficient time management to help you balance professional and personal life.

  • What kind of support can I expect throughout the program? Throughout 'Excel through Excellence', you'll receive support in various forms, including regular coaching sessions, access to a private community for peer support, and continuous feedback from mentors. Additionally, you'll have access to resources like workbooks, templates, and practical tools for business management.

  • Are there any prerequisites or qualifications required to join? There are no strict prerequisites for joining. However, the program is best suited for female entrepreneurs who are actively running a business or are in the advanced stages of starting one. A commitment to growth and an openness to learning and applying new strategies are essential for getting the most out of the program.

  • How is the program content delivered (online, in-person, etc.)? The program is primarily delivered online, making it accessible to participants worldwide. This includes live virtual coaching sessions, webinars, and access to a digital resource library. The online format provides flexibility and convenience for participants.

  • What are the networking opportunities available through this program? Networking opportunities include interactive webinars, group discussions, and access to an exclusive online community of fellow participants. This community is a platform for sharing experiences, collaborating on ideas, and forming professional connections with like-minded entrepreneurs.

  • Is there a refund or satisfaction guarantee policy? We offer a satisfaction guarantee with specific terms and conditions. If you're not satisfied with the program within the first 30 days, you're eligible for a refund of the remaining weeks. The details of this policy are outlined during the onboarding call to ensure clarity and fairness. 

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