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The Support Circle:

Empower Your Entrepreneurial Journey

As a Metamorphosis Member, you'll enjoy exclusive access to networking events, mentorship opportunities, and a wealth of resources tailored to foster your business and personal development.


Engage with peers, share your experiences, and grow in a supportive and dynamic environment dedicated to your success.

Join a vibrant network of female entrepreneurs for collaboration and support.

Exclusive Community

Learn practical techniques to scale your business effectively.

Actionable Growth Strategies

Utilize our SWOT Questionnaire, SMART goals setting, and monthly business evaluations for targeted growth.

Personalized Tools

Get access to unique materials and expert referrals.

Bonus Content & Resources

Transform TODAY

Begin your journey with the wisdom of the collective. The Support Circle is your gateway to entrepreneurial insights, where curiosity meets community and knowledge unfolds.


Join today and start your transformation!

Future Butterfly!

Welcome to The Support Circle at Mariposa Sources, where our Metamorphosis Members embark on a journey of growth and community.


This membership is more than just a network; it's a transformative experience designed for ambitious women ready to elevate their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Your search ends here!

Personalized SMART Goals: Receive specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals designed to align with your business aspirations. These goals will guide your progress throughout your entrepreneurial journey.


Complete the SWOT Questionnaire: Gain clarity by assessing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This sets the foundation for personalized guidance tailored to your unique needs.


Join The Support Circle: Take the first empowering step and become a valued member of our community.


Through these membership steps, you'll gain the knowledge, support, and resources needed to transform your business with confidence and efficiency.

Expert Referrals: As a member, request referrals to vetted experts in areas where additional support is needed. Our dedicated team will connect you with professionals who possess the guidance and expertise necessary, saving you time and money in your search.


Monthly Business Evaluation Analysis: Gauge your progress and measure your achievements in relation to your SMART Goals. This powerful tool provides insights, accountability, and opportunities for reflection and adjustment, ensuring you stay on track.


Elevate Your Business Game with Us

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